Musso Lussino ice cream maker

Musso 4080 Lussino (Called also Mini or Piccolo) ice cream maker. Probably the best home ice cream machine

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  • Fully automatic, self contained freezer mechanism brings ingredients to -4F (-20C).
  • No ice, salt or pre-cooled containers are used.
  • Housing and non-removable mixing bowl are brushed and polished stainless steel with a matching unpolished stainless steel mixing blade.
  • Makes ice creams, frozen yogurt, sorbets, Italian ices, sherbets, gelato, chilled soups, sauces and frozen drinks.
  • Creates ultra low temperature necessary for low fat frozen desserts.
  • Make your own frozen desserts and ice cream healthier using fresh, natural and low fat ingredients.
  • Safety - motor shuts off when ice cream becomes too hard or the mixing blade becomes stuck.
  • Unit will not operate if cover lid is not in place.
  • Easy-to-use, simply pour the ingredients into the mixing bowl, turn the machine on and set the timer.
  • Make multiple batches of your favorite recipes consecutively, one right after another. non-removable bowl for easy storage and cleaning.
  • Unit can be used to chill bottled liquids if desired.
  • Built in timer controls the churning function.

  • Musso Lussino

  • Capacity: 1-1/2 qt. (750 g)
    Power: 200 Watt
    Paddle Induction Motor RPM (rotary x minute) 80
    Dimensions: WxHxD inch. 12x11x18 (30x27x45 cm)
    Weight: 38 pounds (18 Kg)

  • Musso Pola

  • Capacity: 2-qt (1.5 kilos) (4.5 kg x Hour)
    Power: 300 Watt
    Paddle Induction Motor RPM (rotary x minute) 76
    Dimensions: WxHxD inch. 20 x 14 x 12.25 (51 x 35 x 31 cm)
    Available: 230v-50hz or 110v-60hz
    Weight: 30 Kg

  • Musso Zara

  • Capacity in litres: 2.5 Kg.
    Per Hour Production: up to 9 litres
    Power: 570 Watt
    Paddle Induction Motor RPM (rotary x minute) 72
    Dimensions: WxHxD 42 x 45 x 83 cm
    Available: 230v-50hz or 110v-60hz
    Weight: 65 Kg

  • Musso Fiume

  • Capacity in litres:: 2.5 Kg
    Per Hour Production: up to 9 litres
    Power: 570 Watt
    Paddle Induction Motor RPM (rotary x minute) 72
    Refrigerant: r134
    Dimensions: WxHxD. 62 x 42 x 43
    Available: 230v-50hz or 110v-60hz
    Weight: 65 Kg


    How It Works

    The Musso Automatic Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Maker uses a self contained compressor similar to your household freezer. This allows you to make delicious frozen desserts such as frozen yogurts, sorbets, ice cream, sherbets and frozen drinks not possible with conventional ice cream makers that use canisters that must be pre-chilled. Compressor type frozen dessert makers bring ingredients to lower temperatures that would not be possible with chilled canister type units. Low fat recipes need lower temperatures. This gives greater versatility and professional results to your frozen desserts.

    Recipes Idea

    Sorbets - sugarless apple, apricot, red bean paste, calvados, champagne, cherry, chocolate, chutney, constant comment, cranberry juice, strawberry, pineapple, grapefruit, grape juice, honey lemon, lemon, mandarin orange, mango, maple syrup, melon and prosciutto, orange, peach, pear, raspberry, watermelon.

    Ice Cream - apricot, banana, brown sugar pecan, chocolate, coconut, coffee, custard base, honey vanilla, honey yogurt, lemon, maple walnut, oreo cookie, peach, pistachio, raspberry, vanilla, strawberry.

    Sherbets - vanilla, chocolate, strawberry.

    Frozen Yogurt - strawberry, honey, carob honey.

    Frozen Drinks - banana daiquiri, strawberry daiquiri, frozen margarita, pina colada.

    Sauces - raspberry, butterscotch, caramel, hot fudge.

    Chilled Soups - tomato and basil.


    Frozen desserts are a great family treat that are enjoyed around the world all year long. You make these treats healthier because you control the recipes. Select the amount and type of sweeteners and make great tasting low fat recipes. Ingredients are fresher and tastier and there is no need for unnatural ingredients, artificial flavors or colorings. Supermarket fruit based ice creams, sorbets and sherbets can never be as good as freshly home made. Commercially available fruit based frozen desserts must be cooked to provide a long shelf life and this destroys flavor and nutrients.

    The most common types of frozen desserts are Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbets, Frozen Yogurt and Sherbets.

    Ice Cream - The primary ingredient in ice cream are cream, eggs and sugar. Whipped air is incorporated into the mixture to give it a certain consistency. Lighter ice creams with more air are easier to scoop and they melt more quickly. Premium ice creams have less air and are more dense and harder to scoop when frozen. Supermarket ice creams contain additional ingredients for mass consumer appeal and to aid in production and storage.

    Here are the common ingredients of supermarket ice creams:
    • Milkfat - Ice cream requires a milkfat level of 10% or greater to be classified as ice cream. Premium brands have higher milkfat content, as much as 16%. "Light" ice cream will have milkfat levels below 10% and "Ice Milk" has 3% to 5% milkfat.
    • Milk Solids - These ingredients are used to provide texture and body to the ice cream and make up 9% to 12%. Most common ingredients are concentrated skim milk or skim milk powders.
    • Sweeteners - A sweet ice cream is demanded by most consumers and can make up 12% to 16% of total weight. Most common Sweeteners are sucrose and corn syrup.
    • Stabilizers and Emulsifiers - Stabilizers extend the shelf life of ice cream and limits re-crystallization when thawing and refreezing occurs during transport, storage and consumption. Common stabilizers include locust bean gum, guar gum, xanthan gum and carrageenan. Emulsifiers aid in maintaining a good consistency of the fat and water components of the mixture. Most commonly used are Polysorbate 80 and mono- and di-glycerides. These ingredients make up 0.2-0.5%.
    • Water - Between 55% and 64% of ice cream is water which may be added or derived from the milk and other ingredients.
    • Other - Additional ingredients found in ice cream include artificial colors, flavorings and other substances that aid in manufacturing, storage and appearance.
    Gelato - The word for ice cream in Italian is "Gelato". In the USA and other English speaking countries, it is referred to ice cream that is made the "Italian way". Gelato is a dense mixture with lower fat than ice cream and no added air. Unlike ice cream, Gelato ingredients are not homogenized together. Gelato usually includes less cream and more milk and egg yolks than ice cream. A rich creamy treat.

    Sorbet - These treats have no milk, cream or eggs. These are frozen fruit ices, which are best enjoyed when freshly made and still soft. They should not contain ice crystals and have a silky texture. The main ingredients are sugar, lemon juice and fresh fruit. They are simple and refreshingly tart.

    Frozen Yogurt - Similar texture to ice cream, but has lower fat and active bacterial cultures.

    Sherbets - Similar to Sorbets, Sherbets are usually fruit flavored ices, but they contain more ingredients such as milk, egg whites or gelatin. Sherbets can have about 2% milkfat and provides a lighter texture than ice cream.

    Fully Automatic Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Makers

    These units have their own freezer mechanism with built in compressors and refrigeration to produce frozen desserts of all types. No salt or ice is needed and no containers are put in the freezer. The advantages to using self refrigerating machines include:
    • Self refrigeration units bring the ingredients to temperatures below freezing. This is necessary in making "Low Fat" ice cream and frozen desserts such as Sherbets, Sorbets and Gelato. Ice cream makers that use a container cooled in a freezer can not get temperatures low enough to freeze low fat recipes.
    • Self contained units are convenient. Simply add the ingredients and press the start button. Clean-up is easy.
    • Make multiple batches continuously. Enjoy different recipes and flavors one right after another. No need to wait hours or overnight to cool a container in the freezer for another batch.
    Semi Automatic Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Makers

    Unlike fully automatic frozen dessert makers with built in refrigeration and continuous output, these units require a specially designed cooler container be placed in the freezer to get the container to a low temperature. The container maintains a cold temperature during the mixing of the ingredients to produce a finished product. These units work well with higher fat recipes that do not require very low temperatures to harden. No salt or ice is needed, simply add the ingredients to the pre-cooled container and turn the Ice Cream Maker on to mix the ingredients as it hardens. Container must be re-cooled to make additional batches.

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